If you can possibly help your shooters network site to stay online by making even the smallest of donations I would be extremely grateful.

Your web server is super fast and based in gun friendly Dallas Texas and we have had to purchase new software to make your site more useable.

I am doing my best to keep your site online and having to take legal advice on an issue(now resolved) with a fairly large other social network has been

rather sore.  If you know anyone or any companies who would like to sponsor that would help. I am intending to add more features to the site but will absolutely keep it simple.


If you don't want to donate or simply can't afford to could i politely ask for your support by getting your shooters network web address out to your shooting friends?

This site and it's features will always remain FREE. I promise you that there will be zero profits made from here and that I will continue as long as i can whatever happens.


This site gets constantly targeted (they always miss) and i am happy to give my time so that shooters always have a place where they can chat and post about their passions

and no matter if you can support SN financially or not I hope you will always be happy to call this site your home.






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