Gunbook update and what's happening

Gunbook update and what's happening

Just a weekly update on all things gunbook.


The site has been paid for another month and we have resolved the issue of uploading large files and videos.  There are still a few features that need some work but thse need to be done by the software developers as custom jobs and we will get round to that as soon as we can afford it.

Guntube is now live and in beta test. We still have to sort out all the categories but you can now upload mp4 files or import any of your youtube videos. We are working on some special codin to change other file formats into mp4 automatically but it's a bit technical and may take some time. However firearms videos can be uploaded and will not be removed.

We are beta testing Newsbook which is an online news site which of course is gun friendly. We will decide if it should be ran by gunbook chosen editors and contributors to ensure a quality feed or if we should just let anyone post.  We will have a think about that one. The news site will have the ability to post stories, video, music and even polls and quizzes and is on our own server. We are paying a fortune for it so we might as well use it.

We will be doing the first free prize draw this evening Sun 15th April for our pro members and anyone else who has donated to the site.  We did buy some commercial licenses for guntube and newsbook and our funds are now in the red. hey ho  tongue-out  It's worth it.

We had a slight disaster while trying to integrate the new gunbook android app onto the site and we had to roll back by 36 hours and install a backup.  oops.  We will be attempting to beta test the android app in the coming week.

We still have a lot of work to do but we will do our best to get it done as quickly as possible. Thank you for your support as we get your Gunbook site up and running.