Gunbook Update

an update so you guys all know what's happening on Gunbook

Our previous web hosts pulled our server three days early while we were still working on the backups.

Their excuse was they couldn't close us on Sunday as expected as they finished at 5pm for Easter and won't be back working till Teusday.

We were working on preparing the existing database to make it workhere as the databases run on different versions and we are finding it difficult.

There is a LOT of work still to do on here and we will try our best to get it done over the course of next week. We did purchase an email companies services aznd we have sent out 4200 emails to our users (we did get those from the database)  The email software does show who opened the emails and we will resend to those who didn't open them.

The server you are on at the moment is based in Texas and allows fie=rearms sites so we will not have the same troble we had with our last hosts. The server is a private server and not shared and it looks as if it is very fast.


We have loads to do and it takes time and we will be changing the branding (the database isn't playing) and we will manually code all the other bits such as the drop down boxes for the group types and categories all the site terms and conditions and contact details. We have now went a full 21 hours without any sleep and we will work for another few hours getting your gunbook social network looking and working the way you want it to.  PLEASE remember that gunbook is only a few weeks old and we do try to remind everyone that we are still in beta test and still learning the ropes.