Site update for May . What's happening and what's not

Site update for May . What's happening and what's not

Well it's been four weeks so an update for you guys.  We are still being chased by Facebooks lawyers over some issues and have taken steps with backup servers and domain transfers and we will not be going off line under any circumstances.

The site has been quiet and we have not been advertising it anywhere but we have now reached a stable state and if you can tell your shooting friends about the site it would be appreciated.

Our app is working well on android and we are putting an advert in for it every 20th post but we will stop doing that soon and thank you to everyone who is using it.

You all have your own personal blog on here so feel free to use it and have your say. You can post your blog on the main time line and share it to other social networks too.


We are ready to go and site is stable so it's now the time to try to get people over and we could do with some original content.


We will be having our next free pro members competition very soon. We have had no new pro members for two months but a promise is a promise and we will still do the free competitions for all current pro members.  If anyone knows of any companies who might want to advertise please let us know.  The site hosting has been paid though for another month  ;)


Thank you all for your support.  Let's get moving.