Our shooters networ errr network?

What we have testing and it's rather good

Apart from this site we also have in beta test our own news site www.shooters.network/news

You can add your own news items,videos, quizzes and much more.


We also have our very own video uploading site where you can create your own channels and you can even import youtube videos with just a click and it's really fast.  www.shooters.network/guntube

If you have an amazone echo device our SN Alexa app is live and available from amazon skills.  Just say "Alexa whats in the news" and Alexa will read out our very own news content which is updated daily.


If anyone who has an echo device wants to be in charge of the news message Barndoor on the site and we will get you on it.  We have set it up so all you do is cut and paste stories like a word processor so it is really easy.


If anyone wants to do news items or run the news site again just message Davie  (Barndoor)