SN update August 2018

SN update August 2018 the latest SN news and updates

August update.

To save funds we have redirected our sister site for airgunners to here and we have started an airgunners group. All the airgun domain names are now redirected to here. Anyone on there with a PRO membership will also be added as a PRO member on here. Or a refund if required (ouch)  ;)

Our software developers are working on a way to move any posts that have been replied to so that they go to the top of the page. We may have to pay for some custom coding to do this but it will be done.

This will make threads easier to take part in and it is something that will enhance the site.

Any member who has donated on the airgun site to get their blue verified user tick on their profile will also get verified on here.

Our little legal battle with FB is now in the past and the rebels have won.

We will continue to do our very best to enhance this social network which we consider to be owned by it's members and not by any individuals.

Team SN