Shooters nertwork news and update. It has been a long few months

it's been a long few months on here but we can now concentrate on getting bigger and better thanks to your support

Okay boys and girls an update for you. It's only now I can put this out. 

A few months ago I had to leave as group admin on my FB groups This was due to a HUGE  not unfriendly but rather costly fight with a social network. I get into a lot of fights ;) Only now can I mention it.

We had a big legal battle (well I did) over our new shooters social network and we lost the right to use the name "Gunbook" oh well you can't win them all. We did however win the fight to keep the domain name and redirect it to anywhere. We had to change our social network to a server based in Dallas Texas with a gun friendly host and that site although running at a loss is doing well with loads of US firearms shooters going onto it and now with the help of someone  who i won't tag the airgunners are starting to come over and airgun content is going in.

It has been a rather long few months hehehehe We managed with the help of buzzfeed news to put a bit of pressure on the social network that wasn't very happy and it ended up going fairly well, We did have a uk airgun only version of our social network but it didn't work too well and to save costs we amalgamated the airgun and firearms one together. Someone on here for a bit of fun also did a raid on a social network HQ ;) hahahaha made my day to be fair. We are getting loads of US shooters coming onto our new social network and it is now starting to move. It will take a while but it's a start
Anyway. The main points

  1. We lost the right to own a social network called "Gunbook"
    2. We won the right to use and redirect that domain name.
    3. Our mods and admins kept everything going nicely
    4. I am totally penniless after the fight but getting back on my fight
    5. Our is getting airgun content and already has firearms content yayyy
    6.Buzzfeed although anti gun are also anti big corporate bullies.

Thanks to everyone on SN and our Airgun groups for their support over the past few months

The battle is over

The rebels have won

onwards and upwards.