Shooters Network October update

Whats happening site news and plans and keeping you up to date.

Your shooters network social network site is now stable and out of beta test. Thank you so much for your support. It takes time to get content and users and everyone on here comes over by word of mouth and we appreciate you telling your shooting friends about your site.

We are working on some custom coding to make your shooters network even better and we will get that done as soon as we can. Everything on hers is and will remain free. You can create pages,groups, and even have your own blog and you can have as many picure/video albums as you wish.

Yesterday we paid for automatic site backups which get done nightly on our server in gun friendly Dallas Texas so your uploads are safe and you wont lose them (even when we F*up the site totally) ;)

Our PRO membership package allows you to create adverts and to bump them up to be more noticable but we promise never to swamp the place with adverts.

We get quite a few emails asking questions so here are some answers for you guys.

Who owns shooters network?

You do. This site was funded through donations from one of the bigger airgun sites on FB and it will always remain owned by it's users.

What is the site for?

SN is a social network for shooters by shooters and we do NOT collect data from you or run scripts on the pages or target you with advertising. ALL forms of shooting sports are included.

IS it only shooting related posts that are allowed?

Nope anything you like. Whenever we go shooting we end up talking about all sorts of nonsense. This is a real SOCIAL network so feel free. We would prefer if you didn't post random cat videos or pics of your dinner but feel free. There is always the block button ;)

Can i advertise firearms?

Hell yes

IS the site moderated?

Yes but we almost never have to remove anything. Shooters are a good lot and the site moderates itself. We will NEVER moderate any posts in groups as the groups belong to the group owner so it's your group your way.

Can i log in with F*****K?

We can do that but we won't

Will this site be able to stay online after legal battles with another social network?

Absolutely. We now backup nightly and have a spare server and a full backup on our spare server. We lost the legal battle with another social network to use "gunbook" as the site name but won the right to keep and redirect that domain name to here. Our server hosts are VERY gun friendly and all content on the site is legal.

What are the future plans for SN?

First we need to get some more users. When a site like this starts it's slow going as there aren't enough posts to keep things going and it takes a while to get things moving. We are getting there though. We have software in place that will allow us to run an SN news site and also a vidfeo upload site (guntube)? and we will put these online as soon as we can afford the bandwidth. If anyone wants to edit and supply content for these things let us know.

Thank you for your support over a very troubled start but we are now out of beta test. out of our legal battle and can now concentrate on our content and upgrades. If you could help out your site by giving out our link on other social media platforms to your shooting friends it would be very much appreciated.

The battle is over. The rebels have won