Shooters Network stay online or bin it

Shooters Network stay online or bin it

When we started SN we envisaged a place where all shooters of every discipline could post free of the hassles that other social networks carry and to have a place where all shooting topics including buying and selling were allowed. We wanted a place that did not track it's users or serve them advertisements and a place where your posts and pictures and blogs and comments were safe and could stay online.

However we have found that people still prefer facebook and use SN purely as a backup.

This social site needs to reach a tipping point of around 5000 users so that there will be enough posts and content to make it worth while coming to visit.

This network as you will be aware is still rather slow and has not taken off as quickly as we hoped.

So what should we do?  We count SN as belonging to it's users and we thought it would be worth asking you.


Should we keep moving along or should we cut our losses and go offline?    At the rate we are going it is unlikely we will reach our tipping point for at least 18 months.

The server is due to be paid in three weeks and we are happy to keep it going even though it runs at a loss.  We can do one of two things


close (and save money)

Or make an effort and try to promote the site to our shooting friends and get things moving a bit quicker.

What do you guys think? And if you have any ideas PLEASE let us know.